Malcolm Farley

Figurative Western Abstract


I have always been influenced by my roots, growing up in Colorado. My life, both as an individual and as artist, has provided tremendous opportunities around the globe. I’ve spent time in monasteries in China and ashrams in India, walked the deserts of Africa, and traveled all over Southeast Asia.  But I’ve never left that Colorado boy behind. There has always been an echo of those mountains and plains, and an inner cowboy in me.

I’ve been blessed through my work to capture the world’s most gifted athletes, musicians and performers at peak moments in their careers. Yet as my own career has progressed, I have yearned to move beyond the themes I paint to capture the human and spiritual essence behind them.

The Super Bowls, the Grammys, the championships of every major sport have provided a wonderful platform from which to view the competitive spirit that dwells inside of us. I have seen and personally experienced this competitive spirit in music and in sports, and have broken it down to its simplest form – survival as a way of life. The Cowboy relies on and lives from these instincts on a daily basis in every aspect of his life.

The cowboy, whether here in America or abroad, has provided a spectacular bank of imagery. Using my contemporary approach to painting, I have “attacked” the subject in the same manner in which I have portrayed the icons of sports and music. The flying chaps, the swirling lasso, the quirky squeaking of leather saddles have become addictive to me, just as helmets clashing, thunderous ovations, and the groove of cool jazz did for me as an athlete, a musician and an artist.

I have now produced a genre in my creative mind that intrigues me, excites me and drives me to the next painting.  I call this genre the “Contemporary Cowboy”. It derives from the movie “The Electric Horseman”, which caused me to envision the “Old West” in a whole different way. I imagined combining my color palette and gestural approach with the most American of themes – the Cowboy.

I believe there is an inner Cowboy in all of us. In my new work, I provide a fresh, colorful approach to a great way of life that I hope will live on forever.

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