Ron Lesser


Ron Lesser was a prominent illustrator for over 25 years. He made several thousand illustrations including over 100 ads for movies and television programs.Lesser made the artwork for 5 Clint Eastwood western films, including the iconic posters for High Plains Drifter and Joe Kid. Also the poster for Sam Peckinpah's Pat Garret & Billy The Kid.                                       He made storyboards for the Sioux Sun Dance hanging scene for the movie A Man Called Horse..

As a student,Ron attended the Art Students League under the famous teacher Frank J Reilly. Reilly brought the tradition, the knowledge and techniques of the French Fine Arts Academy as well as greatest American illustrators of the 20th century.

Ron is introducing his new series of western still life paintings. Lesser's approach is to tell a story with a focus on soft lighting with strong areas of light and shadow patterns and realistic detail.

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